“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.” 
- Alberto Giacometti 


2019 Artist Event Guidelines

·   Artists must be a minimum of 18 years of age.  Please see age requirements for Young at Art. 

·   Artists must paint on location within a 10-mile radius (as the crow flies) of Victor City Hall. This radius includes the City of Cripple Creek. 

·   Only flat, two-dimensional artwork is allowed.

·   Artwork must be started and finished during event dates. All artwork must be framed (see a.-d. below) and affixed with wire hanger.

·   Blank canvases must be date stamped at check-in.  Finished paintings must show the date stamp.  The date stamp must be visible on the back of all paintings. 

·   The maximum dimensions of paintings, including frame, may not exceed 900 square inches. Maximum width may not exceed 36”.  See different rules for Miniatures. 

·   Each artist may enter a maximum of 4 paintings in any combination of the following categories:

a.    “En Plein Air”: up to 3 paintings of a landscape or street scene done entirely on location.  Minimum sales price for each is $125.

b.    “Interior”: 1 painting is allowed.  Artist must be inside a Victor/Cripple Creek area building while painting the interior scene. Minimum sales price is $125.

c.     “Miniature”: 1 painting is allowed (may be either an En Plein Air or Interior subject).  Maximum painting surface is 35 square inches.  Framed completed work will not exceed 80 square inches.  Minimum sales price is $75.

d.    “Gallery Wrap”: 1 painting is allowed (may be either an En Plein Air or interior subject).  Minimum sales price is $125.

·   Artists should have a current biography on the back of each painting.  Artists must provide two current biographies at Artists Check-In of which one biography will be on display in the gallery.  Bring 2” x 3” business cards for patrons. 

·   Finished artwork is judged and prizes are awarded.  See VCTA website for details. 

Additional Events:

·   Brush-Rush: An historic site in Victor is selected by VCTA and revealed at 9:00 AM on the patio of the Victor Elks Lodge.  The event is open only to registered artists.  One stamped, unframed canvas or paper is allowed, maximum size 14” x 18”.  Artwork is returned to the Elks no later than 12:30 PM and judged by registered artists.  

·   Quick Draw: Registered artists check in with VCTA Coordinator in Wallace Park before 9:00 AM.  Live models and props are available to artists as painting subjects.  Public judging on site at conclusion of event.  

·   Young at Art artists see the Young at Art tab on VCTA website or contact 719-689-5836.