Professional Photography provided by Vaughan and Walker Photography,

Category                         Award                                                        Amount

Professional                    1st Place                                                      $500

Professional                    2nd Place                                                     $400

Professional                    3rd Place                                                      $300

Professional                    Honorable Mention                                     $150

Non-Professional           1st Place                                                        $250

Non-Professional           2nd Place                                                      $200

Non-Professional           3rd Place                                                       $150

Non-Professional           Honorable Mention                                       $75

All                                 Brush Rush                                                    $100

All                                 Cherry and Ed Hunter                                   $200

All                                 Cripple Creek and Victor Mining Co.            $100

All                                 Dick Grater                                                    $100

All                                 Elks Club                                                       $100

All                                 Gold Camp Ag and Mining Museum             $100

All                                 June Bradley Interior                                      $200

All                                 Laura Gilpen Award                                       $150

All                                 Miniature                                                       $100

All                                 People's Choice                                               $250

All                                 Poster                                                              $100

All                                 Quick Draw                                                    $100

All                                 Sunrise/Sunset                                                 $100

All                                 Victor Heritage Society-First Prize                   $150

All                                 Victor Heritage Society-Second Prize              $100

All                                 Mardi Davis                                                    $100

VTCA would like to give a special thanks to our judge from our 2016 competition, Joseph Bohler